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I spent most of my early years in the industry hacking Prime computers, first at Thames Poly (where we had five), then at Prime itself, and finally in various jobs as a software developer. Prime were one of the original 'proprietary' minicomputer makers, and produced the '50-Series' of superminicomputers. In the UK, major users included lots of academic establishments, Government departments like MAFF, the Thames Water Authority, and BT Gold. Prime lasted from 1972-1992. Here is a small picture of a Prime computer for all the former Prime buffs out there.

If this brought back fond memories, check out the Prime Computer FAQ (actually the offical FAQ of the newsgroup)

Comp.Sys.Prime FAQ (hypertext - long)

Straight text version

Windows .HLP version

A ZIPped version of the .HLP file (PKUNZIP required)

Any comments or additions to the FAQ are most welcome!

Primos and the Year 2000

Here is the latest Primos release information - 24.0.0.r52

Revision 23.4 PRIMOS.RUNO

Revision 24.0 PRIMOS.RUNO

Revision 24.0 SPOOL.RUNO

Revision 24.0.0.R52 UPINFO File

Free Software

FINDTEXT.FTN: Find specified text in SAM or DAM files anywhere in tree.

FINDFILE.FTN: Find a file anywhere in the directory tree from here.

These Fortran utilities are provided by Allen Egerton. Check out his Web Site for more information

A Version of LD for DOS

A Version of LD for Unix (source)

Other Prime-related links

Roy Scozzari's Prime Computer Alumni WEB site [Site taken down. Sadly Roy passed away in 2001.]

Malcolm Hoar's Web Page. Malcolm is a former Prime District Support Manager.

Malcolm has recently embarked on a new venture with a useful product targeted at Webmasters. Check out Electronic Software Publishing Corp

David Mandel has a Web Page

CV Service International

Peritus Software Services (maintainers of Primos?)

1st Solutions, Inc. A great site, check it out!

Software Technologies Group. Good cartoon!

Computronics. Year 2000 Stuff, etc.

Pulsar Systems Inc.

Pennant Computer Solutions Limited (Canada)

ISCA - Prime support in Germany

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